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Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum

   Unexplored Ethnic Indian Country

About Us

Founded in October 2001 by Robert and Barbara Finley, along with Angela and Al Molette, Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum received 501(C)(3) non-profit status in February 2002. Our mission is to serve as the Official National Repository for the unique history, heritage and memorabilia of the Ethnic Indigenous Native Americans, Black Indians and Freedmen of the 5 Civilized Tribes.

Our wider mandate has been to preserve the history of the Ethnic Indigenous Tribal Peoples of North, Central and South America, and their connections to the Ethnic Pioneer Settlers of Northwestern Oklahoma.

Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum's educational and artistic programs, fosters distinctive opportunities to learn about the particular Heritage, Folk Arts and Cultural Traditions of Ethnic Natives, their settlements, communities, social constructs, artistic and cultural collaborations, including historic multi-ethnic interactions and Inter-Tribal relationships. Our Museum also endeavors to provide an accessible platform for opportunities, which facilitates reintroduction of lost aspects of Tribal and Cultural Customs to Ethnic Indian Patrons (descended from original Tribal Citizens), while aiding the Public in achieving an understanding of the mportance and necessity of observing such traditions through traditional and non-traditional outreach programs, courses or performances.

The Museum and Heritage Center provides access and encouragement of Heritage Preservation through Artists of various genres promoting the Arts as partners in our innovative Museum Humanities Programs, Docent Training, Internships, Mentoring and Distance Learning in addition to providing Arts and Education through interesting and thought provoking exhibits.

Our 501(C)3 non-profit charitable organization is committed to meeting the cultural needs of our community as leaders. As a result of our dedication and commitment to bring forth quality information and unique exhibits, our Patron base extends far beyond Enid and is in-fact, attracting international interest.


616 Leona Mitchell Blvd.

Enid, OK 73701


Tues - Fri: 10AM - 4PM

Sat: 10AM - 2PM

Sun: Closed

Admission Fees:

$8.00 Adults (18+ yrs).

$5.00 Children (5-17 yrs).